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Friday, November 28, 2008

Undeserving Love♥

Undeserving Loveis DEAD!

I used to be able to tell you everything,
but that was back then when you were my everything and when you wanted to give me everything.
Now we talk about a lil bit of nothing,
Stay saying that I'm the one fronting,
just because you might want just a lil loving.
But what is that really going to do for me,
Except for complicate my life and please your needs.
Now you're gone in the same presences as that you came.
I'm now realizing that all this is just a big game.
So I say "o well", "o well" to it all.
Because I know myself and if I stay around I'll fall.
And truth be told when I fall, I fall,
Hard as ever too.
I know that I no longer can deal with you.
But that's how life goes, you lose some, you win some and you gain some.
You gain some sense, that is.
To know that you and I aren't to be friends.
I remember that a smile from you made my world worth while.
Well that was a while ago,
when "Undeserving Love" was the topic of my life.
Now I might just have me a life, well sort of that is.
Just making it, that is.
Can't complain too much, because it is what it is.
Changing your mind about me?
I'm done with it all; you no longer can impress me.
My brain has finally decided which roads not to allow me to retake.
Can't deal with it no more, so my heart I'm not allowing you to take.
So behind this smile I now decide to not hide.
I now no longer decide to live behind lies.
So you think you love me?
But this isn't about what you think, it's about me.
And well I think its time to let things just BE.
But I'm not trying to diss you;
I'm only trying to LEFT you... out of my life!
"To the LEFT, to the LEFT!" just like Beyonce said,
I'm still learning that this "Undeserving Love" issue is dead.
Na, I don't need any tissues for issues,
Cause I'm through and I would just like to wish you, the best.
I know half the things you tell me are true so without no further a due,
I would like kindly say thank you, thank you.
Rough times, hard times and the stuff in the middle,
I have nothing to say about that...
Don't be riddled?
Like riddle me this, riddle me that,
No matter what I still will always have your back.
But it would be so much better if you weren't friends with thee.
Leave and don't even worry about saying goodbye to me.
Now that I've built a bridge to get over my fears,
I can use "the force" to finally walk through my future without any tears.
Some may ask me to who was this about; with no hesitation I'll say nobody without a doubt.
But this poem is about the same person I've always written about.