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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh btw..

Guess what guys!!
I'm finally back from ATL! It was great. I saw my brother when I was there. While I was there I realized #1 I need to get a planner, and #2 That once the trip was all over I would be back at REALITY once again and I needed to prepare myself for that transformation from FANTASY to REALITY immediately.. I need to stop being so caught up in the world and just do what I need to get by each day. I know what I need to do:

First, I need to start praying more often and thanking God for getting me here!!!
Second, I promise to eat healthier than what I've been eating.. Less fast foods.. and more vegie's and fruits and WATER..
Third, focus on some school things, get it together stay up on my work.
Fourth, start educating myself. Watch the history channel more often and also look ups things and stay up on my NEWS.
Fifth, Call home more often and start to reconnect with family members..

UM, that's all that I can think of right now!! Bu tI need to FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS...

side Bar... listening to Jadakiss ft. Nas "What If...?" and I just hate Jadakiss's LAUGH!! UGH...

check out the song and lyrics..
"What if you never knew things that you needed to know?
What if you never been places you needed to go?
What if you get there, and learned them as you go?
"What if" is the question, can I ask then once more? ...."

"What if I made you kiss the niner?
What if a brick was only just a misdemeanor?
What if Manhattan was hit by Hurricane Katrina?
What if a black man was the one controlling Fema?
What if we ain't never let emotions come between us?
What if the last time we rode, someone seen us?
What if... "

check out lyrics:

Smoking Gun!

check out lyrics:

This song is beautiful... lyrics and all!! It's an amazing song. Jazmine Sullivan is a very talented to artist I believe that he chose the right person for this song!

Jazmine: You're the only one i love,
Jadakiss: uh huh
The only man i know that i can trust,
Jadakiss: yup
And if I ever should need u,
I know you'd come,
Jadakiss: yea
Ready to kill with a smoking gun,
Echo: (with a smoking gun)

It aint your fault boo,
I'm always here for you to talk to,
Hold your head high when you walk through,
Sometimes the devil's temptation would force you,
One thing about the Lord,
He'd never cross you,
Look at all the bad things that they tried to do to you,
And you're still queen of this earth and you're beautiful,
Everything happens for a reason,
If you ever need me,
Call me,
I'm coming through squeezing.

This song is just what you... just... im just speechless..


Wednesday, September 23, 2009


now when this song first blasted over 95.5 my first week of school, august 25, 2009... i swear i had lost my mind. four of the hottest and lyrical rappers in the game came out with forever.. take a listen...

this is just crazy.. drake.. kanye.. wayne... em....

now im about to watch this vid again.. lol. i love it. and who better to be in the video than Lebron James?? crazy!!

throwing my money..

my mans just put me on to this.. sheed...

check this out man!!!! it's very true

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

UGH, y?

Why are we always against people when they make mistakes? Instead of judging them, we should help them! damn, so quick 2 judge people............ that's what's wrong with the world now.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Spottieottiedopaliscious Angel"

So you know me, the nosey one. I was looking through some stuff on facebook, and i came a across someone's status. "

Rod *******

SAY I NEED A SPOTTIOOTTIEDOPALISCIOUS ANGEL! HMMM WHERE IS SHE?" So I'm steady trying to be nosey. So I looked up Spottieottiedopaliscious Angel, not thinking it would actually be anything. in which all reality it really is. I found the lyrics to Outkast song. Take a look and see what you like.... I like it...

here is th link to it if you just want to hear it:

Damn damn damn James

[Pat Brown]
Dickie shorts & Lincoln's clean
leanin' checking out the scene
Gangsta boys Bigga's lit ridin' out talkin' shit
Nigga where you wanna go?
You know the club don't close 'til four
let's party 'til we can't no more
Watch out here come the folks

As the plot thickens it gives me the dickens
Reminiscent of Charles a li'l disco-tech
nestled in the ghettoes of Niggaville, USA
via Atlanta, Georgia a li'l spot where
young men & young women go to experience
they first li'l taste of the nightlife
Me? Well I've never been there, well perhaps once
But I was so engulfed in the Old "E"
I never made it to the door you speak of hard core
while the DJ sweatin' out all the problems
and the troubles of the day
While this fine bow-legged girl fine as all outdoors
lulls lukewarm lullabies in your left ear
competing with "Set it Off," in the right
But it all blends perfectly let the liquor tell it
"Hey hey look baby they playin' our song"
And the crowd goes wild as if
Holyfield has just won the fight
But in actuality it's only about 3 A.M.
and three niggas just don' got hauled
off in the ambulance [sliced up]
two niggas don' start bustin' [wham wham]
and one nigga don' took his shirt off talkin' 'bout
"Now who else wanna fuck with Hollywood Court?"
It's just my interpretation of the situation


[Big Boi]
When I first met my Spottieottiedopaliscious Angel
I can remember that damn thing like yesterday
The way she moved reminded me of a Brown Stallion
horse with skates on smooth like a hot comb
on nappy ass hair
I walked up on her & was almost paralyzed
her neck was smelling sweeter
than a plate of yams with extra syrup
eyes beaming like four karats apiece just blindin' a nigga
felt like I chiefed a whole O of that Presidential
My heart was beating so damn fast
never knowing this moment would bring another
life into this world
Funny how shit come together sometimes [ya dig]
One moment you frequent the booty clubs &
the next four years you & somebody's daughter
raisin' y'all own young'n now that's a beautiful thang
that's if you're on top of your game
and man enough to handle real life situations [that is]
Can't gamble feeding baby on that dope money
might not always be sufficient but the
United Parcel Service & the people at the Post Office
didn't call you back because you had cloudy piss
So now you back in the trap just that, trapped
Go on and marinate on that for a minute

Friday, September 11, 2009

"divided" states

“Never understood why our country was named the “UNITED” States, it should be named the “DIVIDED” States.


It’s just weird to even think that this country is and will ever be united. Either it’s republicans vs. democratic, black vs. white, good vs. evil or the old vs. the young. We will never see eye to eye. Just recently President Obama gave a speech to high school in Arlington, VA. Which probably was the best thing that these children will ever be involved in right? WRONG! Parents were pulling their children out like they were preventing them from getting some type of disease. CRAZY! President Obama’s speech was basically just a pep talk for the students to get serious about their education. He talked about three students who overcame major obstacles in their life; you know everything that hopefully a student has heard at least once in their life. And then he also mentioned that if you felt sick to stay home, “WASH YOUR HANDS”, which will be another topic in my next blog… However, I don’t understand the problem in giving the President a chance to speak to your children. I honestly would’ve been honored, whether it was President Clinton, President Bush or President OBAMA> I would’ve gave my child the opportunity to decide on their own if the want to be apart of history and I would want them to be able to have their own decisions. That’s also giving them the right that they need to learn how to exercise at an early age. Because that’s what happening in college, students are exercising their thoughts, minds and ideas. And as an African American, I understand that sometimes we, African Americans, can look for injustice-ness when is comes to another African American, but this shouldn’t be over looked at all. Like really, there are a lot of things going on wrong with picture! For one he’s the President and you don’t want him to “corrupt” or “brain-wash” your child’s mind! GET REAL! Man if your children want to think or believe something then it’s going to happen. If I really wanted to I could go deeper and deeper into the history and psychological matter behind the reason why this country is divided and why it will continue to be divided. But I’m sure that you know the answer.

“Man plans, God Laughs”

I just love my major so much, Speech Communications, it's so amazing. You learn so much and you interact with your Professor all the time. It's so great. I can honestly say that I learn something all the time, no matter what I really learn. So today in my Health Communication/Special Topics class we were discussing with my Professor, Professor Mindel about how life really is. She told us about her daughter, for the 80th time, about how she has this master plan for school and trade school. We, as humans, all have this master plan to succeed but you never really know where the road we are on might actually take you. She told us about this quote that her father always told her, “Man plans, God Laughs”. I couldn’t help but think about it more and more.

Life doesn’t really turn out the way we plan for it to be. When I was younger, probably in high school, I had this big plan. Remember the questions “In five years, what will you be doing?” or “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” ‘Well…” and I would go into this long drawn out dream or story of how I wanted my life to be. Well I just realized two minutes ago that it’s not going to happen at all. I’ll be still in school another year, which push’s me back, then I’m not marrying the person who I said I was going to be married to and nor am in the right state of mind I thought I would be in either. This is crazy. Not that I hate my life, because I love every bit of it, the people I met, the people I’m friends with and the enemies that I’ve gained, lol. life for me could probably never be better. I just never thought it would turn out like this. So now what do I do?

I guess I can continue to plan, more and more each day. Who would’ve thought that my mother would’ve passed and who would have thought that I wouldn’t be friends with my friends from high school any more. Nobody would’ve thought anything, but I’m sure God would’ve already known. Lol it’s funny to me. When I first heard the quote I did laugh because I knew that it was the truest statement that I had heard all day. Lol… funny, funny, funny….