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Friday, September 11, 2009

"divided" states

“Never understood why our country was named the “UNITED” States, it should be named the “DIVIDED” States.


It’s just weird to even think that this country is and will ever be united. Either it’s republicans vs. democratic, black vs. white, good vs. evil or the old vs. the young. We will never see eye to eye. Just recently President Obama gave a speech to high school in Arlington, VA. Which probably was the best thing that these children will ever be involved in right? WRONG! Parents were pulling their children out like they were preventing them from getting some type of disease. CRAZY! President Obama’s speech was basically just a pep talk for the students to get serious about their education. He talked about three students who overcame major obstacles in their life; you know everything that hopefully a student has heard at least once in their life. And then he also mentioned that if you felt sick to stay home, “WASH YOUR HANDS”, which will be another topic in my next blog… However, I don’t understand the problem in giving the President a chance to speak to your children. I honestly would’ve been honored, whether it was President Clinton, President Bush or President OBAMA> I would’ve gave my child the opportunity to decide on their own if the want to be apart of history and I would want them to be able to have their own decisions. That’s also giving them the right that they need to learn how to exercise at an early age. Because that’s what happening in college, students are exercising their thoughts, minds and ideas. And as an African American, I understand that sometimes we, African Americans, can look for injustice-ness when is comes to another African American, but this shouldn’t be over looked at all. Like really, there are a lot of things going on wrong with picture! For one he’s the President and you don’t want him to “corrupt” or “brain-wash” your child’s mind! GET REAL! Man if your children want to think or believe something then it’s going to happen. If I really wanted to I could go deeper and deeper into the history and psychological matter behind the reason why this country is divided and why it will continue to be divided. But I’m sure that you know the answer.

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