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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh btw..

Guess what guys!!
I'm finally back from ATL! It was great. I saw my brother when I was there. While I was there I realized #1 I need to get a planner, and #2 That once the trip was all over I would be back at REALITY once again and I needed to prepare myself for that transformation from FANTASY to REALITY immediately.. I need to stop being so caught up in the world and just do what I need to get by each day. I know what I need to do:

First, I need to start praying more often and thanking God for getting me here!!!
Second, I promise to eat healthier than what I've been eating.. Less fast foods.. and more vegie's and fruits and WATER..
Third, focus on some school things, get it together stay up on my work.
Fourth, start educating myself. Watch the history channel more often and also look ups things and stay up on my NEWS.
Fifth, Call home more often and start to reconnect with family members..

UM, that's all that I can think of right now!! Bu tI need to FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS...

side Bar... listening to Jadakiss ft. Nas "What If...?" and I just hate Jadakiss's LAUGH!! UGH...

check out the song and lyrics..
"What if you never knew things that you needed to know?
What if you never been places you needed to go?
What if you get there, and learned them as you go?
"What if" is the question, can I ask then once more? ...."

"What if I made you kiss the niner?
What if a brick was only just a misdemeanor?
What if Manhattan was hit by Hurricane Katrina?
What if a black man was the one controlling Fema?
What if we ain't never let emotions come between us?
What if the last time we rode, someone seen us?
What if... "

check out lyrics:

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