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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

so whats going on? like seriously, I've been slacking at a lot.. Now it's time for me to get my ish together..

time to ponder.

Monday, July 13, 2009

amber rose...

Yoooo. Amber Rose is on FIRE!!!

Love the outfit, love the style.. I'm just loving it.

- L.Dot...

How to be a Lady...

I'm so loving this new CD by Electrik Red. It's very empowering to females. Below are lyrics from their new song "P is for Power" on their new CD.
New CD: "How to be a Lady"

P is for Power
"P is for power
The U is for used to
Cuz my P better than that P that you used to
One S is for superior
One S is for the sex
If you ain't had mine then you ain't had the best
They Y is for yes, Vanilla
If you wanna try, boy you gotta buy
They Y is for yes, Vanilla
If you wanna try, boy you gotta buy"....

"You aint gettin no P
Nope nope
You aint gettin no P
Nope nope
You aint gettin no Peeeee
You aint gettin no P

I swear they remind me of my Sister Circle.. Lol.. Wowzers...

I love this song too..

W.F.Y. Lyrics
"I heard you like to put it on the street
And how I'm an undercover freak
You was like flash in the sheets
So fast I had to finish when u leave
Like a kid with a cake you can really eat it (uh)
Like a stray dog happy every time I feed him

I wonder if you know the truth, (know the truth)
Y'all don't fuck us, nigga we fuck you (eh), you (eh), you (eh), you (eh), you(eh), you (eh), you (eh)
We fuck you (eh), you (eh), you (eh), you (eh), you (eh), you (eh), you (eh), you (eh)"

They really make me think about a lot, seriously... I keep this CD on repeat, it's like the entire CD is the anthem for me and my friends. It's crazy how music does bring people together, not that we weren't already close. if you are out there and you're reading you need to by their CD or download it or something..

Muah Lyrics

Bet you never had nobody like this.
Had lipstick kiss like this.
Girls come with the drop of a dime.
But their candies aint quite like mine.
See i got this little thing that i do.
If you were my man i would do it to you.
Thanks for the drink, but, you betta move.
Cause i'm up in here wit two.

signing out.. L.Dot...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Birthday's!!!!!

Devona's Birthday June 25, 2009

Jasmine's Birthday May 23, 2009

HAPPY Birthday's...

I love it...