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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Smoking Gun!

check out lyrics:

This song is beautiful... lyrics and all!! It's an amazing song. Jazmine Sullivan is a very talented to artist I believe that he chose the right person for this song!

Jazmine: You're the only one i love,
Jadakiss: uh huh
The only man i know that i can trust,
Jadakiss: yup
And if I ever should need u,
I know you'd come,
Jadakiss: yea
Ready to kill with a smoking gun,
Echo: (with a smoking gun)

It aint your fault boo,
I'm always here for you to talk to,
Hold your head high when you walk through,
Sometimes the devil's temptation would force you,
One thing about the Lord,
He'd never cross you,
Look at all the bad things that they tried to do to you,
And you're still queen of this earth and you're beautiful,
Everything happens for a reason,
If you ever need me,
Call me,
I'm coming through squeezing.

This song is just what you... just... im just speechless..


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