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Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm addicted to u....

My addiction…

Okay yesterday, Saturday, November 29, 2008, on a episode of Run’s House, Run's House: Episode Season 5 Ep. 10 Say Hello To My Little Friend,Vanessa and Angela came to the realization that they have a serious shopping addiction. The girls reexamine their shopping problem and how their move to Los Angeles has affected the issue. Vanessa and Angela seek advice from a therapist about their shopping addiction.

Picture from Run's House: Episodic Flipbook Season 5 Ep. 10 Say Hello To My Little Friend…

After Vanessa gave her trouble for having a shopping problem, Angela goes through Vanessa's closet and realizes they both have a shopping problem and should see a therapist.

Run's House (Season 5) Ep. 10 Family Confidential


Snippets and pieces on Vanessa and Angela’s addiction…. From the Full Summary
Click link below for full summary

“Back in LA, Vanessa is looking for the wrapping paper and almost gets crushed by the avalanche of boxes and purses that fall out of the closet when she opens it. Apparently Angela ran out of room in her closet and took over the luggage closet. Vanessa thinks Angela may have a shopping problem and suggests that she find another hobby.

When Angela goes through Vanessa's closet to find an outfit to borrow, she realizes that Vanessa may have a shopping problem too. Besides having tons of clothes that still have the tags on them, Vanessa admits to going to a store earlier that week to buy a tank top and coming out with three bags of clothes. The girls agree that they both have issues with shopping and could probably use some help.

The girls go back to their therapist and come clean about buying one outfit instead of one item. Vanessa admits that even in the store, she felt bad knowing she'd have to tell the therapist about their slip-up. When the therapist asks if Vanessa has ever felt like someone else was watching over her shoulder in this way, Angela and Vanessa realize that they might be shopping so much because for the first time in their lives, their dad isn't around to tell them not to. The therapist thinks being homesick might be at the root of the girls' shopping problems and suggests that they call their family to talk about what's going on.”

“Does your family complete you? Mine does. Life affords no greater privilege than living amongst the ones you love. Remember, a house is made of walls and ceilings, but a home is made of loving feelings. It's good to be home! God is love.”

-Rev Run

My addiction.. ugh!!
I kind of feel as if I’m addicted to shopping, I go to the mall almost three times a week and when I miss going to the mall I make up for it in purchases that I buy when I do. I buy unnecessary things, but very cute things. I have the same cardigan in like 5 different colors form H&M, the same skinny’s just in didn’t styles and colors and this is my second juicy couture bracelet. I don’t know what it is; when I get stressed out I shop, when I’m bored I shop, and when I’m lonely I shop. I never felt so in love with the mall until now, I wasn’t a big fan of shopping and matter of fact I kind of hated walking around the big ass mall with sooo many people, with soo many stairs and stores and just to leave with one thing. HATED IT! In the episode Vanessa said that she’s going to do more and take more classes and all that jazz so she doesn’t think about shopping as much, but I’m already in so much. Firstly I’m in school, I have extra-curricular activities and I have homework, how much busier do I really need to be in order for me not to shop. It was a kind of blessing that I didn’t have a car this weekend and that I was unwillingly trapped in the house with nothing to do except watch movies on HBO, dwell about my past experiences, ummm…. Blog, facebook'n it and watch youtube and do a lil research for some group projects of mine; I wasn’t able to go out on black Friday and spend money like I wanted to. Even when I go to the grocery store, I buy things that I don’t need; I go to the store for one thing and end up with 3 bags. In the episode Angela and Vanessa realized that they might be shopping so much because for the first time in their lives, their dad isn't around to tell them not to, well for the for the first time in my life my mom isn’t here to tell me not to. She isn’t here to take all my money and hold it aside for me. I admit it now that sometimes being stressed out is a good excuse for me to go shopping but I can’t help it. When I was younger I couldn’t afford any of the things I can get my hands on now, I'm still a little cheap, but cheap sums up to more, you know. What have I really gotten myself into? Honestly???

So I, Lauren Renee, vow today, Sunday, November 30, 2008 at 4:30pm to slow down on shopping, to try my best to save up my receipts from my purchases, to buy what's needed and not wanted, and I strongly solemnly swear to use my money wisely, right after I buy these Christmas presents, lmao... But I honestly want to make important moves that will make my future better and not destroy my future. And I ask that you all do the same as I, so that we can save just a little for the right reasons; our future. okay with that note I'm about to go order me some uggs and a Zune. lol. after that purchase I'm done. Promise, PINKY SWEAR!

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