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Monday, May 30, 2011

Who runs the world...? Men..

I stumbled across this video on WSHH not to long ago. I just forgot to share the video on my blog, ; / oops... sorry.. Well anyway, this video is done by @NineteenPercent, she has her own Youtube Channel, search her at Nineteen Percent or click. I haven't had the opportunity to look at all of the videos just yet, but I do plan on doing so. Moving on.. so basically Ms. NineteenPercent took it upon herself to break Bey's song, "Run The World (Girls)" down, and I don't mean just break it down, I mean rip it apart, Literally!!!! In the description of her vlog she tries to make people understand her actual point isn't to show hatred to Beyonce but to make a point that females, indeed do not run the world and that we actually have a lot more to accomplish before we can even form our mouths to make a statement such as that. (Not to discredit any of our outstanding woman pioneers who've fought and struggled to get us this far, because we've come along way but just not far enough.)
"I get it. It's just a song. This video is not about Beyonce. It's not even really about this song. My point is NOT that she shouldn't have made this song because of X, Y, and Z. My point IS: Oh, Look! X, Y, and Z exist and this song is a great tie-in to a discussion of feminism. If you've watched some of my other videos, you would be able to sense the sarcastic tone. Relax."
She's clearly a feminist... and nothing's wrong with that. In fact she states that in her vlog that she is and actually gives us a website to continue our research on it if we wished to..... But what really got me while watching this video is the beginning when she says "...which by the way i don't think female domination is the goal, i think the end game should be a socially egalitarian society " which is what we all should be trying to do. We should learn to live and be EQUAL. Segregation and being divided gets us, as a people, nowhere and nowhere fast! I couldn't have said it better myself. Anyway, make sure you watch the video below and comment on it and also check out her Youtube Channel, which I'm actually trying to do at the moment.

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