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Sunday, December 13, 2009

where is the Love?

Okay here’s a list of blogs that I plan to do in the future…

Topic # 1 – Where is the Love?

  • · Why do people have so much hate for one another?
  • · I’ll try my best to go into this topic as much as possible. :)


  • · The study of ”N” word
  • · And the study of the African Diaspora
  • · Let’s see which side many choose

Topic #3 – DISLIKES

  • · Something I don’t like.

Topic #4 - Black Barbie Doll Controversy

  • · We have black dolls however is the black Barbie portraying the “right” image?
  • · Wait what is “right”?


  • · Are they BAD Girls or are the ANNOYING Girls.

Topic #6 – I’m REAL!!!!!

  • · If you’re so real, why do you stay lying?
  • · What’s REAL & what’s FAKE?

Well today I’ll be discussing Topic #1 – Where is the Love?

So I help out with this program called “blank blank”, any who, I'm a volunteer, you can say and in the summer time I work there. I am a counselor to 9th through 12th graders; males & females. On Saturday I walked in for a surprise visit, yah!!! They were so excited… and so was I. However I nonetheless was disappointed when I saw a female student of mine with a black eye. Like wtf? Over a guy! Now I don’t know the whole situation to its entity however it had to do something with a girl not liking his new girlfriend. What is that? I understand that they’re young, but these incidents are so very common in everyday life regardless of age. I am a victim of hate, however I’m also guilty of committing this act as well. I know it’s sad, but at least I’m honest. However it isn’t right at all. I propose that we as young females and males, as citizens of this country, and as African Americans, Asians, Americans or whatever, try our best to cease the hatred. I mean just a little bit. That’s all I ask. What is hate and hating? What does it really mean? And what are the consequences, results and effects of hating?

Hate is defined as to have strong distaste for something or to dislike somebody or something intensely. states that hate is often seen as just an extreme form of anger, which is sometimes true. People are driven to hate people due to the fact that the person(s) may anger them in some way. And that anger is taken very far, for whatever reason. Okay “hating” is said to be when one person puts down the success or fortune of others due to jealousy. And according to, Hating is the end result of being a hater. Hating is wide spread, very popular and a highly enjoyable past time for many. Contrary to popular belief, hating is not due to jealousy [I strongly disagree] but rather the good feeling of putting someone down while simultaneously increasing your own ego. Many victims are hated on because of their success, but many more are hated due to their lack of it. Most hating is a result of the victims bragging and/or 'My turds don't stink' attitude. So my friends this is hate and hating. Now lets use both words in a sentence.

For Example:

“Ew, why you hatin?”

Waste your time hating me...I don't give a shit.”

Lets see….. hmph?

“Yo you see that chick hatin because I go out with Lamont and her ass want him”

and lastly

“Bitch, don't be hatin!!!” even takes the time out to go into detail about “Hatin Azz Hoes”, “haters”, “hata”, ”hatin” and some others, so when you get the chance you can go take a look at that. Take a look at some other words on

And I just read “HATING WON’T MAKE YOU PRETTY!” keep that in mind boys and girls.

Now what are the consequences, results and effects of hating? Consequences --> Well from my observation of “real life” I’ve seen a lot but not as much as some, however it has been enough to understand that these situations happen. That made sense, right? Well let’s see fights happen, feelings are hurt, people sadly get beat up or jumped really bad or just killed. Heard of it, seen it & I’ve lived, so I know. Results --> sometimes you have an never ending “beef” or “fight” and it can lead to individuals fighting and not even knowing or remembering the reason why. Effects are simple --> people are hurt mentally, physically, and emotionally. Things happen and it’s not always for the best.

So no more looking at each other and saying negative things. Have you ever heard the words “if you don't have nothing nice to say then don say it at all”. It’s stupid to give off unnecessary energy. What’s the point? Why are you looking at her like that? Why are you treating him like that? Is it really that serious? No nothing is ever that serious, maybe if you would spend more time criticizing yourself than others than you would be doing what you needed to do as a person. Like really!!!! What’s more important than you’re own well being? Firstly, you are giving who ever you’re hating on waaaaaaay to much attention. If you don’t like them, what are you looking at them for? My point exactly!!! Life is so much bigger than you and me; it’s more about your environment. Now if you don’t understand what I’m saying than I see that you were placed on this world to just do that: HATE. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve hated in the past, and I’ve went out of my way to do stupid things. But believe me, I’ve learned. I don’t waist my time. You take more time out your day to think about the next person and you get frustrated and more stressed out and 9 times out of 10 that person probably doesn’t think about you or they probably don’t even know who you even are. Smh. #imjustsayin --> twitter trending topic <-- but hey I’m just a random person blogging about random things because I’m a random person. *Sarcastically speaking*… lol People hate people so much they’ve decided to make a website called On this website they discuss just that “why they hate people”. That time they are spending writing about how much they hate someone could be used constructively. People have gone so far as to make a “The Why Do People Hate You?” Test at And yes I took the test just to see what type of nonsense this was. I scored --> The perfect human (16% Cruelty, 39% Anal, 15% Pushover). The results go on to say “Congratulations. You're easy-going, friendly and know when to stand up for yourself. You're perfect. In fact, you're a little bit too perfect. Chances are, hoards of jealous people are plotting your demise at you read this. Tough luck, pal.”

I guess right!

  • Why do people have so much hate for one another?
  • Why are you the one hating?
  • And why you are the one getting hated it on?

Okay people, people, people stop downing someone else to make yourself look or feel better. Many people are guilty of finding flaws in others so that they can make their selves feel better about their selves. “Well I’m fat, but at least I’m not that fat.” It shouldn’t be like that. Because someone hates they can lose a spot out trying to get a job or vice versa. It isn’t good at all! Stop being mad because that’s not your boyfriend or girlfriend, or because they look better, they’re taller or smaller. STOP, STOP, STOP. Stop letting someone else control your life because that’s what you’re doing. What power does that person(s) have over you? “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent” said by Eleanor Roosevelt.

People hate what they really are; they hate their selves. For example, loud people hate loud people or HOES hate other HOES. So stop hating yourself. I’m sure that deep down in your soul you can go without hating someone for at least two point three seconds. I’m sure that won’t kill you, but I know hating will kill you. #Imjustsayin…


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