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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 1...

This is Day 1 of recovery.. I'm trying to get back to where I use to be with blogging. = )

But not only is it day1 of recovery, it's also Day 1 of me using "Shea Moisture". Basically Shea Moisture is a line of products established in 1912. These products consist of Black Soap and homemade hair and skin essentials. Remember I am natural, so I'm definitely going to go fr the natural products. Today I used the black soap and washed and conditioned my hair with their Organic Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention shampoo & conditioner. There is no parabens, phthalates, paraffin, gluten, propylene glycol, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, animal testing, synthetic color, DEA, animal ingredients and most importantly there is no sulfates. Great for me and m hair. (and did I mention that I was 98% all natural) The name of the creator of these products goes by the name of Sofi Tucker. She made everything herself from scratch and started selling them at a village market in Bonthe, Sierra Leone. By 19 years of an age the widowed mother of four children was selling all of her products all over the countryside. To find out more information about Sofi Tucker and he family or about her amazing products go to

I've been natural for a year and 5 whole months already.
I'm too excited. = ) It looks like a little ush bush... lol

But since this is day number 1 of recovery/Shea Moisture, i definitely will be checking in and letting you know how these products really work.

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intel said...

I “stumbled” into these products by accident, while looking for Neutrogena’s Triple Moisture hair line at Target. Shea Moisture was on the bottom shelf of the Miss Jessie’s display. When I picked up the shampoo and read the long list of what was NOT in the products, I just had to try it. I bought the Moisture Retention Shampoo and Restorative Conditioning Milk.

The shampoo lathers and smells great. My hair was not tangled after washing and the conditioner seals the deal! You can either rinse it or leave it in, which I think is great. My hair responded well to the blow dryer and I did not flat iron it or hot curl it after I blow dried it. It didn't need it! I wrapped it and am still happy with the results after 5 days.

This is the best non-sulfate shampoo and conditioner I have ever tried hands down!!

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