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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

enjoy it.

it's summer time so enjoy it.
yesterday for the first time ever, i went to a professional baseball game.
i have to say, i loved and enjoyed every bit of it.
it's always to think and go out of the box for a change. to step out your comfort zone is kind of scary but at the end of the day it was fab.
this summer i hope to do a lot of out of the ordinary stuff.
here are a few things on my list.
1. go to a gun range
2. take a random road trip for at the most a week.
3. go to the strip club (real random)
4. go to a museum. (a fun one)
5. visit the national harbor
6. stay in a hotel for a night or two. (wit friends or someone). lol
7. just relax.

and these are just a few things that I really want to do this summer...

and celebrate my bday. but that's a given.

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